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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

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Welcome to the website of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Brockton, MA. The Annunciation is within the Metropolis of Boston, which is part of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America – one of the daughter Churches of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Church of the Annunciation is the only Eastern Orthodox Church in Brockton and its surrounding communities.

At the Annunciation, we conduct the full cycle of Sunday services, commencing with Great Vespers on Saturday evenings through Orthros (Matins) and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings. Throughout the liturgical year, we also celebrate the feasts of our Lord and the Theotokos (Mother of God), as well as the feasts of all major saints of the Church. From fall through spring, Small Vespers are also celebrated on most Wednesdays nights, with adult religious education sessions following the service.

We welcome all to worship with us, whether you are visiting the area or live locally. May God bless you!

†Fr. Anthony Evangelatos

Fr. Anthony's April 2015 Message

Beloved in Christ,

Great Lent is about to come to an end as we prepare to enter the Great and Holy Week of our Lord’s Passion. There is no doubt in the mind and heart of any Orthodox Christian, that the Lenten season is the most poignant and spiritually uplifting time of the entire liturgical year. This is especially felt during the various moving services of Holy Week. That is why we see people in church during this holy season who may not be very active throughout the year. Something deep and spiritually meaningful speaks to the depths of their souls. During Holy Week, all of us together, the faithful who are frequent attendees and those who are not, share in the Holy Passion of our Lord and His glorious Resurrection. This clearly shows us that the light of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit, both which were given to us at our baptisms, are truly in us and active. It is in our hands to continually cultivate these spiritual realities in our lives, so that we can grow in Christ year after year.

So what causes some people to shy away from the Church most of the year, while others are extremely regular? And what causes some to come periodically – neither very regularly, nor just on the major feast days? Obviously, these questions do not have simple answers. There is a great variety of reasons that affect our attitude and approach toward Church; there are no “one size fits all” answers. However, before I continue, I would like to acknowledge the reality of those who are forced to work or open their businesses on Sundays, which obviously interferes with the ability to attend church regularly. The questions I am posing have to do with those who are available on Sundays.

From a logical perspective, sometimes the rea-sons are obvious. In family life, if parents are not com-mitted to their faith enough to understand the importance and need for regular church attendance, then neither will their children feel that need. Surprisingly however, you do sometimes see children from such situations turn this around in their own lives – another example of the Holy Spirit at work! On the other side of the coin, you can have families who are extremely regular with church attendance, but one or more of their children can drift away at a later point in life. We also know very clearly, that there are those families who only see the need for church attendance on major holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. This is a very common issue not just with the Orthodox, but throughout Christianity.

Please realize that I am not trying to force our readers to see which category they fit into; each of us knows that already to some degree. What I would like to see, is for those who are not regularly in church to think about this in an open, honest, and prayerful way. If we are raising children, are we making the Church the priority it should be in family life? Are we allowing the pleasures of life and other various distractions take center stage, especially on Sunday mornings? If we are in-frequent and spontaneous with church attendance, have we prayerfully tried to increase the frequency of this periodic motivation?

As is hopefully quite evident, I am purposely discussing all this as we prepare to enter Holy Week, specifically because of what I discussed in the first paragraph. The Lenten season is definitely the time of year that pulls us toward the Church to whatever degree we allow. Our prayer is that we may all find the need for spiritual renewal within us, so that we can become regular church attendees if we presently are not. As we are moved to tears reliving the Passion of our Lord through the divine services of Holy Week, I pray that we take a serious accounting of our lives and realize the need for constant communion with Christ’s Holy Church and her holy sacraments. Hopefully, this realization will stay with us through the joyful celebration of Holy Pascha as we receive the Light of the Lord’s glorious Resurrection.

Our first steps toward growing in Christ through our regular participation in the liturgical life, would be by attending as many of the remaining Lenten services, as well as the services of Holy Week as possible, per our schedules and obligations. In terms of sacramental participation, let us honestly consider how long it has been since our last confession and last receipt of Holy Communion. Another major change we could make is regarding attendance at the Holy Resurrection. Many of us have acquired the habit of leaving after the proclamation of the Resurrection outside the church. We should be reminded that the true celebration of all feasts of the Church, is through the celebration of the Eucharist and our receipt of Holy Communion. By remaining for the Divine Liturgy of Pascha, we will more fully acquire the spiritual joy and sense of climax gained through our Lenten journey.

I wish all of you in advance, a most blessed Holy Week and Pascha. If we don’t see you very regularly in church, may this be the year that you seek to reach a bit higher toward the Kingdom!

In the Crucified and Risen Lord,

Fr. Anthony

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Apr 4 6 pm
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